Life is a dream

I have early memories of skipping along the aisles of the fabric store with my eyes closed, my tiny hand gliding along the bolts of fabrics. This is where it began; my addiction to the smooth silks and buttery blends, my fingers pausing of their own volition.

The comfort of a luxury fabric is an addiction many of us share. It’s why we custom knit the fabrics for our indulgent bamboo with the finest yarns available. Our buttery soft and breathable loungewear has a silky finish that will make more than your fingers pause.

Faceplant is committed to constantly indulging our cult of luxury fabric connoisseurs. And we’re excited for you to be a part of it. We invite you to relax, settle into luxury, and enjoy the best sleep of your life.

Sweet Dreams always,

Brigitte Farrell - Founder & Director Of Dreams