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We love working with people and aim to build loyal relationships with retail partners who can always expect to be treated with honesty and respect. We strive to spread the Faceplant love by supporting the retailers who support us. We stand behind our retailers and our product - if there is ever a concern with an order, just call us and we’ll be happy to make it right.


We create our products to inspire the people who manufacture them, the partners who distribute them and the customers who enjoy them.


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We are designers and dreamers; we don’t have an accounts receivables department. To ship quickly, we commit our resources to maintaining consistent and strong inventories. Please don’t take it personally - we require payment upon shipping from everyone. Proforma checks are welcomed or your credit card can be billed upon shipping. If you prefer that we set up direct transfer with your bank, just give us a call and we can set that up for you.

We accept all credit cards and payment by direct deposit or ACH.  That doesn’t work? We’ll email you a copy of the total sales order and ship the day after your check arrives. Hospital Gift Shops, Hotels, Casinos or multi-point stores with a consolidated Accounts Payable Department may be considered for limited terms with a completed credit application.

Faceplant is a boutique brand and is committed to our traditional brick and mortar retailers but we cannot ignore the online marketplace. If you are an approved Faceplant brick and mortar retailer, we encourage you to use your website to your competitive advantage and only ask that you respect our basic MAP policy which is wholesale x 2. If you are an e-commerce wizard with exceptional customer service and respect for MAP pricing and brand identity, call Kevin at 813-443-4888 or email him at Kevin@faceplantdreams.com to discuss selling on third party websites. Selling on any third party sites requires written authorization from Faceplant. 

Faceplant Dreams/INK ship from Ybor City, FL. We maintain generous inventories and can usually ship in 1 or 2 business days. Backorders are rare and short. We don’t bill you until we are ready to ship. Typically, wholesale orders ship within 3 business days of receipt and a card is charged one day prior to shipping. This schedule can vary during high volume times.

If you ever have a concern with our products, just let us know. We take pride in your satisfaction and welcome the opportunity to make things right. Any quality concerns should be addressed within 7 days via email and must include photos of the damaged product and/or shipping label. Quality issues will be addressed with an exchange of product or refund as determined by Faceplant. Not every product works in every store.  If you discover that you over bought an item we will accept like new properly packaged items in exchange for items that work better in your location as long as they are current and less than 6 weeks old.  A restocking fee of 20% will be charged and return shipping is your responsibility.  Because of the B2B nature of our relationship, in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code, all sales are considered final.  Wholesale returns/exchanges will be considered for up to 30 days and may incur restocking fees. All returns must be accompanied by a printed copy of your Return Authorization email and product must be undamaged and in original packaging.

Please review all shipments upon receipt. We require that shipping discrepancies or shortages be addressed within 7 days of delivery, so we can review packing cameras and box weights. We will resolve any concerns promptly.

Quality and consistency are dominant concerns in manufacturing. Simultaneously, we focus on responsible processes that respect both the planet and the workers who make our products. We regularly visit our manufacturers and require that they are conscientious members of their community.

Faceplant donates unsold and discontinued products to various women’s and animal shelters in the Tampa area. We are strong supporters of PAWS Assistance Dogs in Naples, FL and 5% of all footsie profits help support education for disadvantaged youth in our home of Ybor City. 

Learn more at academyprep.org/tampa.

Faceplant Dreams is respectful of territory and limits sales to competitive neighboring stores for retailers who are strongly committed to the brand. Commitment is demonstrated by purchasing a minimum of $25,000 annually, consistent orders,  committed retail space, and strong display and promotion of the brand.

Consideration of terms will be offered only to hospital gift shops, hotels, casinos, and other multi-point stores with a consolidated administrative office.

To make Faceplant accessible to these retailers, we have partnered with Blue Sky Capital to provide terms on a very limited basis. We can only consider terms on opening orders above $750 and reorders above $500. Fill-in orders below these amounts will be accepted with payment in advance (cc, check or bank transfer) regardless of whether the account has been approved for terms.

Our finance partner has strict guidelines regarding how we extend terms to retailers and they demand that our Credit Application and Agreement for a Business Account, be completed in its entirety and properly signed by an officer or principal of the entity requesting credit.

If you include a credit sheet that provides the information requested on page 1 of the Faceplant Credit Application, including the Bank Account information, that sheet may be attached to the Faceplant Credit Application. HOWEVER, page 2 of the application must be signed by an officer or principal of the company.

It may take a few extra minutes to provide the information, but as we are relying on a third party financial partner to offer terms, it is necessary.

When we design and develop a new product, we aim for a minimum 2.1 markup over wholesale as a target MSRP. We all learned in our MBA class that for retail, a 42% margin is the magic number, right? With a quickly evolving market, however, the magic is in real-time numbers. We use our online presence to run targeted beta tests on specific prices by region, IP address, device and season to identify the right MSRP for a particular product. Sometimes we find there are magic numbers that just work, like $49.95 being better than $49.99. On some products, we will find the sales volume increases with a slightly decreased price but we have stopped being surprised when we find that $39.95 sells better than $36.55. If we find the market won’t support a 2.1 markup on a product and are unable to lower the wholesale price, we will usually discontinue the product. Some products will allow a 2.3 or 2.5 markup. We encourage our retailers to use our MSRP only as a guide and to utilize pricing that maximizes your profit and sales volume.

Minimum advertised price (MAP) is 2xs wholesale. We require all retailers to honor our MAP policy, this includes online. Sales and promotional pricing is allowed but must include an end date not to exceed 14 days. Abuse of promotional pricing will be considered a violation of MAP policy.